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Experience is the experience to have in German night entertainment. If you’re looking for a different approach to your evening out, you want cutting edge quality music and DJing, and your table needs drinks that enhance the moment not withdraw from it, then Prisma Nightclub should be on your next destination list.

State of the art facility accommodations, heavy-duty industrial HVAC temperature system control, and advanced nightclub environment features are standard fare for Prisma Nightclub. Where other venues are just dark places with loud music and less than stellar smelling halls with cheap lights, Prisma is a visual experience and professional design intended for adult dancing and music entertainment of the highest order.

It doesn’t matter what your lifestyle is, gender, background or interest, you’re going to have fun at Prisma. With weekly themes and events, as well as season and holiday celebrations, regular patrons are treated with an ongoing reason to attend, socialize and connect the Prisma Nightclub way every month. There is never a down turn or “closed” season for hot, intensive evening entertainment.


And who says you can’t have your after office meeting for an outside group at a nightclub? Prisma is the perfect setting for folks to let loose some pressure and steam, unwind from the day’s stress, have a few tasty drinks and loosen up the tie. Your eyes will get to feast on a cornucopia of evening sights, beautiful dancing, light shows and deep base vibrating music, and an anything-goes entertainment environment in the after-hours. It’s a great way to shut down the business meeting with a good blowout the night before the flight or return home, making good friendships versus just business contacts.

And there’s no worries about security and problems with folks having a bit too much fun for their own good. Professional systems and controls are in place both inside and outside the Prisma facility, insuring patrons are well taken care of, protected, and don’t have any issues with the odd individual who can’t handle his drink well. If such a character does appear, security professionally and quietly isolates the problem from patrons trying to enjoy themselves, removing the issue before it gets out of hand. The result is a safe environment for everyone for late hours dancing, music, entertainment and spirits.

Prisma Nightclub Experience solves the problem of where to go for a great night out. Most people think of a bar or restaurant, or they wander through phone books or the Internet for the right place to go, guessing wildly. With Prisma there’s no need to guess. You have high the right target every time the first time with the best music, the best environment for evening fun and careless enjoyment, great modern music that fits the cutting the edge of techno-dance or classic standards everyone jumps to, and some of the most professional bartenders and their spirit products in the city. Once you have experienced Prisma Nightclub the first time, you’re going to wonder why you didn’t get around the dropping in sooner than now.

Even better, when your friends and coworkers find out where you went, you are going to be the “it” source to talk about it and why they should go to. Because of this fact, Prisma Nightclub makes the experience of every evening something to talk about, knowing darn well everybody attending could very well be the first time and talking about it tomorrow to others. Referral is the power that makes Prisma so popular as a night club, and you’re going to see why for yourself when you visit in person.