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The Prisma Nightclub is a prestige venue well-known for high quality spinning and music content provided by its resident DJs. Every Prisma DJ has already developed a solid portfolio of play time and spinning content, as well as a heavy portfolio of past events within their resume and past history. Nobody is going to arrive on a given night and find an absolute rookie at the turntable with no idea which end is the right one of a playlist. And while they may be resident DJs, each one of these music entertainment experts is a seasoned pro with their content and audience, moving and grooving each night with a skill that only comes from years of professional work and dance venue management.

At different times of the year, however, Prisma Nightclub is also a temporary home to visiting, top the industry DJs who show realtime why they are as famous as they are with intensive experience shows and presentations. Bathed in a celebration of sound, music, and intensity, guests on special DJ nights are enveloped with both the unique skill of guest DJs as well as the famous enhanced environment of Prisma for evening entertainment.

All of the DJs working the Prisma Nightclub schedule are extensively trained and have significant knowledge depth in their particular music genre. Not only have they been tracking the evolution and various artists and music library in these areas, they are experts in all of the available content, including the B-side and far harder to find rare material that often makes their DJ nights so unique and intensive. It also ensures their material can’t be duplicated elsewhere by copycats or automated spin lists so common now in the digital age.


In addition to their extensive experience, the DJs all bring an amazing library of content to their shows. Folks attending Prisma on a regular basis are amazed every night they dance to content often not available or accessible from other consumer sources. Prisma’s DJs play and spin some of the rarest and individual tracks available of both popular artists as well as the newest names in the techno/disco field for late night experience-setting and music enhancement. Combined with Prisma’s advanced dance environment, guests are inundated with a nightclub experience they are not going to find elsewhere very easily. In fact, Prisma’s lineup is often on par with nightclubs on an international level, requiring folks to travel to other countries at times to find a similar or better experience.

Prisma’s DJs are quite capable of running events into the early morning hours as well. As veteran music spinners, these professionals can keep the party running hot for hours on end, easily pushing late night entertainment almost the waking hours of sunrise. And for special events or private parties, there is no shortage of experienced DJs available in Prisma’s roster to take care of the crowd. Special theme nights are also a big plus for the diversity of Prisma’s DJs, providing big opportunities for breakthrough up and coming players as well as demographic specific music masters.

Whether it be Tel Aviv, New York, Berlin, Moscow or Tokyo, folks are going to be hard-pressed to beat what patrons are able to receive and enjoy at the Prisma Nightclub venues. The setting is the kind of evolved and intense sensory bathing that one gets in well-research movies working on an international platform with regards to where the characters are placed in settings. Not only are the Prisma resident DJ’s pivotal to this model and experience delivery, they provide the minimum foundation for what to expect in terms of entertainment. And when the guest DJs get involved, the sky is the limit on what to anticipate.