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Every week is packed with different events at Prisma Nightclub, so nobody is going to feel like they missed the boat or got shorted with a bad night out. The Prisma calendar runs events at different levels to insure that there is always something going on just about every night the club is open and operating.

The top event, or special occasion usually involves a major visitor such as a top DJ, a surprise band, or a major group doing a show and announced at the last moment for high attendance. These events happen at different times of the year depending on the schedules of the stars attending and their availability. Some events are small shows with limited capacity, set up for intimate, surprise settings, and some are wider scale events for larger audiences. Many such events will have contests providing the winners tickets for entry after a competition.

The second level of events will be the holiday or seasonal events that are tied to specific times of the year. Whether it be a Flasching party in the middle of winter or a dance and drink Octoberfest celebration, Prisma is going to have its flavor of seasonal fund and holiday festivities, making it a great place to go after the family dinner and when it’s time to go have some late night fun.


The third level of event are Prisma Nightclub regular events running every week or every month as part of its ongoing community social development. These events are often theme-specific nights, generating cult followings and dedicated groups who come together as a large family to enjoy the theme night operating that week.

Private events are possible as well. Folks who are looking for private parties and dedicated DJing on specific evening for large groups only need to call management and work out the details for a quality booking. That will include the venue, music delivery and DJ provision, a staffed bar and security resources all encompassed within the same package. When private events are scheduled, the club is closed from outside public access for the duration of that time window and event length. So there’s no rushing or conflict between schedules or overlap where the private party suddenly starts to get intermingled with a later public access the same night.

Long story short, there’s plenty to do at Prisma on any given week of the month, and most months have special nights and events layered within the calendar to provide plenty of surprises and special dancing and music, even enough for the diehard Prisma attending to be occasionally surprised. Even for those who drop in completely out of the blue and who just happen to be in for a few nights, Prisma Nightclub is an awesome divergence. Whether you be a tourist who has walked through one too many museums during the day and just needs a change of pace from another night of talking over coffee, or your look to let your hair loose after a long business day and stress-filled agenda, you’re going to find what you’re looking for at Prisma just about any night you happen to drop in.