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Who is the target audience for Prisma Nightclub?

All patrons from 21 to mid 30s are welcome and expected to engage to their heart’s content. And, Prisma is big on diversity, encouraging women’s night and women DJs to master the music management of theme nights, like Female DJ Thursdays for example.

How late does Prisma operate? Is there a sudden death shutoff at midnight?

In a word, no. Prisma Nightclub is designed to be an all-night dance nightclub venue with a clear agenda and entertainment schedule that goes until the early hours of the next morning. Patrons are literally just an hour or two from sunrise when most Prisma nights actually end and close.

Is Prisma Nightclub more of a local venue?

Absolutely not. Prisma welcomes everyone, from locals to tourists just in for a few days. We want folks folks traveling through from other parts to enjoy our shows and dance nights. So if you’re on a business trip and need to blow of steam or need some night entertainment on a night or two while in town vacationing, definitely engage and join our party.

How stocked is the well for Prisma patrons?

Prisma Nightclub carries a full bar and keg system to accommodate all patrons and interests in spirits. We carry quality brand names as well as well drinks and we carry all the major beer brands as well as non-alcoholic drinks for those designated drivers or folks who just want something without alcohol in it.

How often is Prisma open?

If you take a look at our events calendar you’re going to find there’s something going on at Prisma Nightclub just about every night of the week. Whether it be a midweek theme night, Thursday Female DJ night, or a special event guest DJ Prisma is going to be humming and hopping. The only times the nightclub might be closed is when we’re hosting a private party.

What are the age minimums for patrons who want to visit Prisma Nightclub?

Again, the minimum age for patrons is 21 years of age. We require this because Prisma Nightclub is intended to be an adult late-night entertainment experience.

Does Prisma Nightclub involve special events on holidays or seasonal periods?

Yes. In addition to the weekly theme events we host at our nightclub, there are the holiday-specific big events as well as special seasonal nights with added guests and enhanced DJ experiences. So these provide an expanded date agenda to look for on our calendar if you happen to be in town, or you want something with a bit more flair than a regular night at Prisma Nightclub.

Are Prisma’s DJs only resident DJs and local talent?

No, we frequently bring in professional DJ talent as guest DJs, often including international stars and big names famous for some of our most popular nights in the year as well as largest crowds and excitement level events.

Is Prisma Nightclub only a techno music venue?

No, we have different theme nights, which include different genres of music. We play classic disco, techno, beat and base, mainstream hits and a lot more. Some nights are an entire mix while other nights of the week are dedicated playlists for specific patron groups. Our calendar lists out what each theme night involves every 30 days throughout the year.

Is Prisma Nightclub both a dance nightclub and restaurant?

No, we are strictly a full bar nightclub venue for dancing and late-night music entertainment. We are not a restaurant establishment, and we do not provide catering. Private events can be schedule at our venue, and we can accommodate the bringing in of resources for that type of event, but we do not provide food resources ourselves.