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The Prisma Dortmund venue is expecting a full-blown return of its legendary Halloween party that folks love to come back to every year. 2019 is no exception to trying outdo previous years, and this year’s Halloween party is expected to really scare up a great dance night. DJs scheduled are spinning music back to back with a lot of a familiar faces and tunes. Keep in mind tickets go on sale quick and sell out in a short time window. There won’t be an open access as these events get packed solid from wall to wall. This year is going to be a big one for a reunion event as well as break though moment looking forward to a new era of Prisma nightclub events and dancing.

Hey! Are you looking for a bit of a different job and workplace? Well we’re looking for help at our Prisma Dortmund venue. You need to be over 18 years of age and dependable. Apply at our hiring events and help us fill out our fun-filled late night team!

Neon Sensation is Back! If you’re the type that loves to dance in the dark under black light and see anything remotely neon or white shine like the sun, then Neon Sensation is going to be your night be at Prisma Nightclub. The whole house gets packed jumping and dancing to the rhythm of the latest nightclub venue playlists and DJ master music management. Why in the world would you stay home and miss it?


Did someone say fog and foam night? We're playing with some ideas on how to get a little crazy on our theme nights at Prisma Nightclub Experience. And if that means getting the dance floor a bit off the deep end, then that's what we're going to be incorporating on special nights for our guests and patrons. Just don't get lost in the crowd!

If you like the Italian theme disco and techno then you’re going to want to be at Prisma Dortmund this October 12. The Italiano Notta event is planned for a major theme party and light night soiree’. Of course, you can always stay home and try to find a decent football match on the box, but that’s probably going to be a disappointment. What’s wrong with you? Get your dancing shoes on already!

No, Prisma is no longer closed. Yes, we were out of commission there for a while, but we’re baaaaack! So for all your late night dance fans, your favorite nightclub is back in operation and working the DJ table silly with mad playlists and loud beat/bass tunes ready for your to dance to.

Prisma Nightclub Experience is going whole-hog on producing and supporting diverse nights. Not only are we packing the calendar with different theme events, but we are working hard to generate a solid and consistent agenda for female DJs to be incorporated in our program. Female DJ Thursday and ladies' nights are only two of the multiple ways we're working towards expanding women's roles in our nightclub playlist and experience. Give our Female DJs your support by showing up and insuring a major turnout with a loud audience ready to dance!